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The founding members of the Social Responsibility Association Açıkkapı Bahçelievler Child Protection Agency in 2005 for children age 0-6 and 7-12 as a volunteer get together was born.

The first steps towards an association in 2006 were taken. Our society, education and health being of children who have volunteered to spread awareness of how important Açıkkapı Social Responsibility Association, has its corporate identity in the same year.

Açıkkapı Social Responsibility Association, our mission is to extend a helping hand to children deprived of basic and social rights. Their physical, social and psychological problems, beyond making a fair start to life, is to look at the future with hope.


Existing board members :

Berrin Yoleri, Burçak Sayılgan, Didem Kurdoğlu, Esra Civelek, Merve Gürsel, Nevbahar Koç, Serra Taşkent, Reyhan Şeyla Elvaşvili, Sevgi Toprak Tunga, Suzan Keleş, Suzan Yılmaz


2012-2013 Chairman of the Board Esra Civelek
2011-2012 Chairman of the Board Esra Civelek
2010-2011 Chairman of the Board Serra Taşkent
2009-2010 Chairman of the Board Sevgi Didem Tunga
2008-2009 Chairman of the Board Didem Kurdoğlu
2007-2008 Chairman of the Board Aslı Soyak
2006-2007 Chairman of the Board Merve Gürsel 

Actual events and Aids:

1. 29November 2006 Donation Auction

The first of the main projects, 29 December 2006, Esma Sultan Mansion auction of realized income from donations and 30 November 2008 in the Rehabilitation Center was opened. Child Protection Agency can not respond to the needs Bahçelievler Campus and 0-6 age group children in the building, including disabled children 0-6 years old, destroyed and rebuilt as a modern sanctuary, as well as their physical development provider, 60-bed capacity, maintenance and rehabilitation centers, Social Services and Child Protection Agency and opened depending on the protocol entered into force with the approval of secretary of state. The center consists of a closed area of ​​1850 m2. In the hydrotherapy pool, medical equipment, training rooms.

2. April 23rd Children's Festival in 2007 -2008

Swissotel the years 2007 and 2008 with the Children's Festival held in April '23. On this day, our goal each other fun surprises, children cherish this day as a holiday mood, extend a helping hand to the other children, healthy and happy arttırabilmektir the number of children. Children on the one hand the Turkish National Team Jerseys and top footballers imzalatırken their favorite artists, songs and dances for a while lived an unforgettable day. On this day, with revenue derived from his studies at Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Pediatric Surgery, Main Science renewal of intensive care equipment, other working places creation of our constructions, children's outpatients applying the renewal of eyes within and financially needy children has been undertaken and treatment costs.

3. November 29, 2008 New Year's Fair

November 29th, 2008 at Swissotel, make 'New Year Fair in "the whole Open Door by volunteers, moms and little ones prepared for the decoration materials, accessories, and sale of many products such as food and drink designed by famous designers from sale of Christmas trees extended a helping hand to orphans and needy children of the income.

4. January 19, 2009

January 19 2009, Beşiktaş Culture Center for orphans and needy children are Ata Demirer Show. Unveiled at the income from this, Preventive Mental Health Project was transferred.

5. 19 October 2009 - December 13, 2010 Ciragan Kempinski Ball

Ciragan Kempinski Ciragan Palace in the years 2009 and 2010 we organized together with the income that obtain Kempinski Ball, we are continuing and the main project was transferred to the Preventive Mental Health Project.

6. Main Project:

Preventive Mental Health Project

Preventive Mental Health Association since 2009 Acikkapi Social Responsibility, recognizing them as the project's main project has mobilized all its resources to this project. In this project the next aim Acikkapi Social Responsibility Association of Turkey 's homes and the homes of all contagious. Mental Health to identify the spiritual needs of children with the protective purpose of the project, psychological profiles revealed, and to take steps forward to the results that occur here. Basically, we think it is an important part came true. However, this is not a continuous process which is the end .

Substances covered by this project,

 • Administrative staff and with professionals in the field of mental health supervisions,

 • interviews with children,

 • Game / living space observations,

 • Family meetings,

 • Crisis situations,

 • Training and consulting services,

 • supporting activities in the field of planning,

 • psychometric studies of children and employees to take up and pursue

 • assessment of mental health staff hirings done.


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Protective Effect of Mental Health Studies


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