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Preventive Mental Health Program Evaluation from  Dr. Saltuk

What was the aim and the goal of  the protective Mental Health study ?

The purpose of Preventive Mental Health Project, to identify the spiritual needs of children, psychological profiles, and demonstrate the steps here to throw forward for the resulting consequences. Basically, we think we could make the most important part of it real. However, it is not until the end of a continuous process. 

What we did ?

First of all, the recipe made ​​in the organization of a spiritual. What does this mean, training, rules and what is required to be next to an implicit definition of life, emotions, and private lives were able individual differences.

Recruitment emotions, individual differences in crisis management enters naturally more pronounced and the beginning of the study. Each week you take control of crises occurring in varying degrees, but more importantly, tried to understand. This makes the organization more stable over time.

There was a significant reduction in the number crisis. Thus, we passed to the next step. In short, the organization's chaotic, fragmented, the bleeding came from a state of mind as a whole. We have both emotional and intellectual burden of the organization that created a framework that we called it spirituality.

As a result, this reduced the number of children living in crisis. Trainings in a chaotic way were put into a streamline. Children go to school in 12 different schools gathered to 5. All psychologists are interested in the education of children at the school for one to one with the crises in much reduced circumstances. (Escape from school, parents to send their children to collect signatures, etc ...) Social adaptation of children raised outside the organization.

Studies of children with so-called quiet hours to spend time studying, they were held for periods of time appeared to be under control. Each child created specific academic field. Every child has developed working models specific to her current mental sub-structure determination. Summary of each child rather than force him to study posited the right thing whatever it was done.

I do not think an increase is usually more successful because they are lessons for the class children were removed from review agencies' children. Now here we are in a much more realistic. Border or slightly retarded child what to do and we know that should be taking note.

Weekly visits follow with the children taking psychiatric treatment have completed many unnecessary medication. 56 In 2006, the number of children using psychiatric drugs these days (2010) 14 landed.

Was a change in personnel as well as children from head to toe. First, we found out that staff mental profile. Hiring and assignments, we have these reviews become routine. Thus, increased quality of personnel and organization, especially through spiritual personnel were excluded. (Conditions that may be traumatic for both children and the staff at the front of the crises being effective in reducing  I think.) There are many things to be done on this subject, but at least serves a staff of more robust infrastructure. In addition, these cadres are subjected to continuous training. That part of spiritual training, we are organizing this field: spiritual growth, attachment, etc ...

Relationships and bring the game to TV by solving problems become commonplace among children and staff as well as relations between them is quite progress of each group were recorded. Gossip, blame, defensive attitudes, pathological mechanisms, such as exclusion of the less commonly used now, I think.

We can not hold still mourning after the institution of separation, but at least the editing of farewell parties routinely provided for children to be transferred.

Volunteer visits were controlled. Volunteer at least as contact visits we've made it even of all ages to visit every day, and only one group was limited to 15 minutes one day a week. Flower and who knows who has played the children exhibited as a spectacle, something stuck in the leg relationship with someone who wants the child wishes to children who have provided an accurate conversion.

Our next step is left to care as a spiritual rehabilitation of severely damaged children.

Taking part in the organization's intentions for achieving all of these employees need to know. We reveal the intention of this work and its positive relationship with and ideas that help the transformation. Find a path to the rest of the children and staff. Everyone brought past the shadow of the load a little more traumatic 'live' continues to live at.

As a result, everyone is trying to live in a way.


Protective Association for Mental Health Project of Açık Kapı Social Responsibility


Açık Kapı Social Responsibility Association, Bahçelievler Kindergarten psychiatric study and project consultancy services, studies related to the care of children in need of protection is intended to be included in the spiritual field.

And children of employees and evaluation of individual therapies, as a result of this service need to be kept outside the psychiatric treatment directed to the cases. A rehabilitation center in this application is described as the organization's purpose is to avoid the scope of work.

Personnel necessary to the operation of the project is to start a minimal level of mental health are required.


Description and Areas of Responsibility:

Children's mental health and disease specialist (psychiatrist) regular weekly visits, supervision sessions with employees, and participate in committees to be established in crisis situations to be determined upon request. In addition, in terms of the functioning of the organization's administrative staff will provide consulting in the field of mental health.

Child care will be taken to keep the secret of all things spoken or employees. Clinical information stored and the possible diagnoses of people's private records must be maintained.

Supervised treatment, personnel will follow-up of a psychiatrist in an organization. Working under the child, family, employee interviews, observations and evaluation meetings environment can be made. Time, these studies and the identification of a suitable medium for the organization responsible for the administration.

Preventive Mental Health Study Areas;

• Clerical and professional staff supervisions with the mental health field;
• interviews with children;
• Game / living space observations;
• Family meetings;
• Crisis situations;
• Training and consulting services;
• supporting the planning activities in the field;
• Children and staff made ​​the psychometric examinations and follow-up planning.
• Personnel mental health evaluation be done in hirings.


Routine visits:

Visits, and within hours of each day between the two sides determined uzlaşılarak Bahçelievler 0-6 years, 7-12 and 13-18 age Kindergarten will take place. Psychiatrist visits scheduled to take place as well as housing manager, social worker, psychologist, teachers, and professionals such as nurses will attend. These people, as well as other employees, Bahçelievler 0-6, 7-12 and 13-18 years of age are eligible to participate according to the requirements of the current situation, managers and volunteers.

In addition, children need to be explored and solutions need to be addressed problems experienced employees. Psychiatrist, to provide a suitable medium for communication, where necessary will help to overcome bottlenecks in interpreting conflict or resistance.

Clerical and administrative staff meetings with Bahçelievler Child Care:
Although not routinely These meetings will be made on demand or crisis situations.
The reports prepared by a psychiatrist with the results obtained from these meetings will provide in the process.

Interviews with personnel supervision;
Supervision meetings, as determined by the number of personnel and the circumstances may be group or individual. Group supervisions discussed the difficulties experienced by staff working with children, to discuss issues arising from the daily life of the socket will be a regular 90'dakikalık sessions. These groups, children and working full-time professionals will participate in one to one relationship. Caregiver mothers and servants outside of these groups of staff. the relationships they establish with the children of the workers as a result, they put forward their own situations and behaviors from the child's subjective feelings are required to distinguish the state. Need for supervision of the employees work environment calls for the expression of their ability to discover the challenges, as well as make the distinction between the current situation with our own inner lives and the organization aims to ensure cohesion within the group.

Interviews with children;
Psychiatrist children's children in order to have an idea about the overall mental health plan negotiations. Results organizational psychologists dealt with the work they performed on children to be free to merge and the name will be presented in public reports. Employees of the Authority issue or problem they think their children will address supervision meetings with a psychiatrist.

Game / living space observations;
Game / living space of which the observation is important because diagnostic aspects. The main two advantages of direct observation and early detection of psychopathology. Direct observation of the problem allows to determine the relationship between social environment. On the other hand makes it possible to predict the future any serious problems.

Time-related criteria and diagnosis for the child experiencing difficulties observed. Sadness, anxiety, attention deficit, learning and communication difficulties, etc. directly observable situations. The nature of the child's socialization, such as playing field observations assessed the neurological symptoms can be recognized.

Routines of daily life is important for both diagnosis and are known by a psychiatrist. This change in rutindeki times, gives an idea about the child's ego functions. Start your day, may be key points bedtime and mealtimes. Non-adaptive and adaptive defense mechanisms of the changes childís approach to determine the diagnosis and guidance.

Game / living space observations will be carried out routinely at regular intervals. In addition, when a problem occurs more often as a diagnostic routines can be made longer periods of time.

Family calls;
Family because of the importance of both genetic and environmental factors are decisive in the development of spiritual life. Therefore, especially in terms of diagnosis, parents of children with the current negotiations may be necessary from time to time with their families. Evaluating existing conditions and the demands of family psychiatrist decides to making calls. At these meetings, as well as to get information about the child is also possible that family members will be evaluated and the necessary orientation of.

Crisis situations;

The crisis is threatening the integrity of the environment refers to the response against the internal and external events. Defined two types of events give rise to crises. The first is a temporary phenomena that cause deterioration of routine functioning. And social effects of widespread than generally act. Disasters include this group. The second one, or someone within the organization is exposed to physical or psychological trauma. Effects of the spread and the social dimension be may gain more local. Biopsychosocial perspective taking advantage of the current situation of crisis.

Planning and monitoring of employees be done, and psychometric studies of children:

Detailed psychometric studies and their children who in the organization be repeated on a routine with the removal of the existing population profile of the overall mental health and mental development is also planned to closely monitor the developmental processes. Being able to make the possible emergence of light near future, the existing potential pathologies due to the feedback provided by such a general psychometric evaluation and review of preventive mental health work and forming plans for the future and shed light on the organization. In addition, psychological profiling and periodic psychological examinations of existing positions in the organization to increase productivity and burnout, depression or any other non-adaptive processes and the necessary measures to ensure early detection.

Personnel hirings mental health evaluation be done:

Psychometry and psychiatric examinations mentioned above, the introduction of the selection of personnel to work organization is foreseen. staff would be employed, such as personality disorders, especially mental balance in determining the balance could be holding at least partly intact when severe psychopathology Identification and evaluation of functionality is important. Organization because life is very challenging and exhausting for personnel engaged in spiritual terms is clear. Both the child as well as the challenges of dealing with separation, abandonment themes, stories of abuse, such as the effects of traumatic experiences and deeply spiritual structure to witness the deterioration of the balance, and adverse events that may lead to pathological defenses. The pathology of the floor due to a personality or psychological problems that may arise with the revival of past negative experiences, at least partially predictable from the start.

Training and consulting services;
Training of personnel is one of the most important elements. Approach to chronic forms the basis of in-house training. The seminars dealt with, as well as the basics of child development and psychopathology can be edited.

Arrangement of events and volunteers to work in-house;
Time children spend in the institution of sleep, food, and basic necessities, such as studies to develop their activities and the remaining part of the game must be in place. Although it is actually a healthy development if taken as a criterion for academic success in the development process of many different factors will be decisive. The institution of high academic achievement goal to give the community more healthy and productive individuals should be. Considering this perspective the importance of extra-curricular activities arise. Psychiatrist, play groups, as well as the creation of workshops (painting, music, theater, etc.) will have the initiative to organize such social activities. Psychiatrists may suggest some programs for this purpose. This is a voluntary system that will handle the kinds of activities outside the institution more than occurs in considering the importance of working with volunteers. Applications for the institution of the volunteers, administrative staff have been assessed by the psychiatrist to be addressed and appropriate arrangements will be in environments where. Volunteers, staff, or a psychiatrist who accepts the application, if appropriate in order to be invited to discuss the overall evaluation.


Preventive Mental Health (Psychiatric) Study Team
Preventive mental health work in the center with executive staff and employees, is located in the children's mental health and disease specialist physicians. Those responsible for psychiatric study "Preventive Mental Health Task Force" is defined as. Organ responsible for the conduct of the study in psychiatric institutions, and consists of the following persons:

 1. Slot manager

 2. Children's mental health and diseases aides

 3. Managers

 4. Pshycologists

 5. Social service professionals

 6. Child progressive (pedagogue)

 7. Teachers

 8. Doctor / Nurse

Dr. Onur Saltuk Dönmez
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Disease Specialist



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