Protective Effect of Mental Health Studies


Protective Effect of Mental Health Studies in the slots in the world and in our country,
Behavioral and social problems in children and adolescents have been developed in order to avoid evaluating the method of meta-analysis of 177 primary prevention program of study (Durlak and Wells, 1977) findings, primary prevention interventions and future research is to shed light on. Modifying the school environment, individual mental health practices and programs that support children in coping with stressful transitions significantly changing the average (mean effects 0.24 0.93 Under increased to). Primary preventive mental health program, which is included in the participant's performance than the control group increased by an average growth rate of 82% to 59% respectively. In addition, changes in the rate of success of 46% with 8% took place. Most of the program category, problems, and at the same time significantly reducing the adequacy of double-effect creates a significant increase. Future studies clearly establish response procedures and program objectives, evaluate the impact of the program, follow-up studies, and participant characteristics of intervention should focus on the relationship with different results.
Compared to children living with their families, children who are in institutional care where higher rates of psychiatric and behavioral problems, although several studies identified, 202 organization in Turkey, according to a survey carried out in 674 children, children only 2.4% were found to benefit from any mental health service . In the same study, adolescents, and also scales to teachers by means of the prevalence of behavior problems in the light of the findings vary according to the sources of information (18% - 47%), only 2.4% of children thirds of mental health services to the remarkable (lightning, Erol, Öztop, Ozer-Ozcan, 2008). Similarly, Burns et al (2004) made a study of mental health services should receive (48%) and treated children (12%), there was significant difference between the rates.
Burns, B. J., Phillips, Ş.D., Wagner H.R. (2004). Mental health need and access to mental health services by youths INVOLVED with child welfare: A national survey. Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 43 (8): 960-970.
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Simsek, Z., Erol, N., Öztop, Ozer Ozcan, Ö. (2008). Epidemiology of Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Children and Adolescents: A National Comparative Study of the Turkish Journal of Psychiatry, 19 (3) :235-246.

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Protective Effect of Mental Health Studies


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